Vicki Asp has mostly been a plein air painter over the years. She has to hike into California's most stunning and beautiful places and set her easel up right there, and capture the majestic and colorful images of California onto her canvas and board paintings with primarily acrylic paints.

Her work has become so well loved, due to her ability to capture the essence of what is California in so many minds and hearts of her collectors. Not only does she capture the essence of the place in her works to most who view them, but she accomplishes these paintings by applying loose, bold, colorful, impressionistic style brush strokes all over the canvas, which is a attribute of her brilliance as a painter.

Artist Vicki Asp’s sense of awe for the beauty of the world, a well-developed work ethic and many years of daily honing her craft have brought that level of mastery to her vivid and luminous landscapes.

“There’s something about the feel of a place. When you’re out there, you’re painting the spot, but you’re looking up, down, right, left- the feeling comes through on the canvas. This world is such a beautiful place. I’m in awe every day.”