Smith Gallery is very honored to carry the art of Mr. Greg Kondos, an icon of an artist in the fine art world of landscape painters.

From major career shows locally, to shows in China, Greece, and many other countries and major galleries throughout the world, his art has been much acclaimed.

Smith Gallery has a substantial collection of his limited fine art signed art on acid free paper. Some of the subjects he has painted include Yosemite, Sacramento, Greece, the Sierra Nevada, the Pacific Ccean, and of course the Bay Area.

In a Kondos painting there is no symbolism or allegory and little in the way of narrative. By virtue of color, fluid brush stroke, and his delight in the physicality of paint, though, his graceful landscapes reflect an earthly paradise. There is always space and order, simplicity of theme that is reflected in his technique. The presence of human life may occasionally appear in a painting, but for the most part his work is about the profound loneliness of the land.